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About Major Justice

Born July 4th 1984 to LT. GEN STEPHEN ANDREW STUART and ANNA MARIE STUART. H was named STEPHEN ANDREW STUART IV. A weakling as a child, his father, a Marine fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. His father built up his body as his mother, a school teacher built his intellect. He became a star football star in high school and selected for the NAVAL ACADEMY at ANNAPOLIS MD. It was there the NAVAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICE notice him and selected him. He was then told the LUNAR ARMOR! His mission to protect AMERICA against the giant robot army of mad scientist URI MARKOVICH.

My Biography

Born again BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE. Disabled veteran, UNITED STATES MARINE. Military history buff, opera and classical music lover. Patriotic nerd.

More About Life

My life is committed to CHRIST and GOSPEL. To assist our nation to repent and seek HIS face. I would also would join myself with like mined individuals with the same passion for GOD AND COUNTRY!